Design of Basic Education Community Schools

  • Free Education in Basic Education Commuity Schools
  • The BECS Schools are based on Non-Formal basic education system having a single teacher, single home based room for school (Class KG to V)
  • The premises is provided free of cost by the community.
  • BECS teachers preferably local female teachers teach students in mother tongue of the students and community own these schools.
  • In each BECS School, 25-30 learners of age group 4-12 years are mandatory. Single teacher is responsible for all the classes of the school by adopting multi-grade teaching methods; based on formal school curriculum
  • The teachers’ honorarium @ Rs. 5000/-, utility charges @ Rs. 1000/-
  • Teaching Learning Material and free text books are provided by the Government
  • At the end of grade five, formal sector conducts examination and allows admission in grade six in formal schools
  • Age 4-9 to cover curriculum in five years